The solution for personal data management

What is igree?

igree is the solution for the exchange of personal data.

igree provides individuals insight and control over their personal data, and ensures privacy compliance for organizations.


Trustful collection and processing of personal data


Realtime insights into personal data processing


Our solution is user-friendly for both individuals and organizations

Why use igree?

New legislation has put people more in control over their personal data. However, it doesn't always feel that way.

igree changes that.

Our mobile application provides insight and returns control back to individuals. The General Data Protection Regulation has introduced several requirements which organizations must adhere to if they wish to use personal data. These requirements are used as a basis when we designed igree:

  • Explicit

    When data processing is based on user consent, it has to be explicitly provided. Organizations must be able to show how and when they received consent.
  • Specific

    Personal data may only be used for the specific purpose they have been gathered for.
  • Insight

    Organizations must inform their connections of their data processing activities
  • Clarity

    A request to use personal data must be clear, concise and unambiguous.



Build trustful connections with igree

Easily gain insight into which personal data you are allowed to use for which purposes. Always use up-to-date personal data.


Take back control over your personal data

Always know which organizations use your data for which purposes. Easily provide and revoke consent.

  • Organizations
  • Individuals



Safe and easy processing of personal data is crucial. igree offers an easy to use software-as-a-service solution. Configure services and business purposes and determine which personal data is needed. Send individuals an invitation to use the igree mobile application and start controlling their data. This results in an up-to-date overview of consent preferences of individuals.

Easy and transparent management of personal data in a few easy steps.

  • Invite your relations
  • Easy insight with the igree dashboard
  • Up-to-date personal data of your relations and a sound audit trail
  • Individuals take control of their data
  • Configure your services and business purposes

Easy use of personal data with igree

Organizations want to carefully handle personal data. New privacy regulations are making their way into our daily lives, which makes it harder for organizations to use and manage personal data.
igree provides realtime insight in personal data usage and the consent given by individuals. This provides clarity and transparency for both organizations and individuals.

  • Establish a secure connection with a QR code invitation
  • Exchange personal data via a secure channel
  • Consult an up-to-date overview of personal data usage and provided consent
  • Configure services and business purposes
  • Inform relations why and how you use their personal data
  • Easily request consent to use personal data
  • Quick insights with a pre-configured dashboard
  • Create an integral and current overview compliant with regulation
  • All personal data is stored encrypted on EU servers


igree returns control to you

Do you want to easily manage your personal data across all companies that use it? The solution is igree. Gain insight in which companies process your data and their purposes of doing so. Did you change your email address? Change it in the igree app and all your connections will be updated.

Don't want a company to process your data anymore? Done with the press of a button.

Curious what igree's capabilities are?

  • Create your own account on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Establish secure connections with one or more organizations
  • Easily provide or deny consent to have your data processed, always on your own terms
  • Always know who is using your personal data and why they use it
  • Revoke consent as easily as you've provided it
  • Modify your personal data and inform your connections with the press of a button


Do you want more information, request a demo, or get in touch? Please contact igree:


  • Marvin van Wingerde

    Wrote his MSc thesis on ‘blockchain-enabled self-sovereign identity’. This ignited his interest in SSI and blockchain and led him to co-create the igree platform.

  • Henk Jan Flierman

    Has over 25 years experience in operations and ict. Has a strong belief that the current way of identifying customers is much too complex and inefficient. Giving ownership back to the individuals will lead to huge benefits and increased trust. Self Sovereign Identity is the way forward.

  • John van Beek

    Entrepeneur with 25 years of experience in the software development industry. Co-founded the succesful company Iquality Business Solutions.

  • Jacco Schutter

    Has many years of experience in the financial industry processing and managing client’s personal data. Always thought that banks and companies should put consumers in control of their own personal data. With this background - combined with new technology - he achieves that goal.

  • Thomas Memelink

    With his background in cryptography, cyber security, and application development, he believes that self-sovereign identity is the next big step in creating a transparent, user-first identity system.